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Road Star Tyres


If you’ve ever bumped into a kerb or your tires screech when turning, this is a warning sign that you may need your wheels aligned.

By getting your wheels aligned with the right equipment by an experienced team, you’ll extend the life of your tyres, suspension, and steering. It could even give you better fuel efficiency. All of this saving you money in the long run. And giving you peace of mind when you drive.

We can help you with wheel alignment, wheel balancing, wheel repair, and wheel replacement.


Your tyres are an important part of your car. Unbalanced tyres and misaligned wheels can cause major problems in the running of your car such as fuel inefficiencies, steering problems, and instability. These will cost you precious time, money, and most importantly, the safety of you and your passengers.

Keep your car running at its best by getting your tyres serviced regularly. We specialise in tyre fitting, tyre balancing, tyre replacement, and even provide a tyre recycle service at no extra cost.

Fitted while

you wait!

Don’t waste your precious time with drop offs and pick ups. We’ll fit while you wait, so you can be back on the road within the hour.