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Wheel Alignment

Signs your wheels need to be aligned

  • If you have bumped into a kerb or driven over a pothole
  • Your vehicle doesn’t handle well
  • You have trouble controlling the steering wheel
  • The car feels unstable and wanders from side to side (urgent attention needed)
  • You car feels like it’s pulling to one side of the road when driving or braking
  • Your tyres screech when turning.

Why get a wheel alignment?

Getting a wheel alignment done by a qualified professional as soon as you encounter the warning signs, will make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Our experienced team measure and analyse your vehicle’s steering and suspension angles to identify how misaligned your wheels are. Wheel alignments are measured in fractions of degrees. So even the tiniest bump against the kerb could change the direction of your wheel.

Getting your wheels aligned will extend the life of your tyres, suspension, and steering. It could even give you better fuel efficiency. All of this saving you money in the long run. And giving you peace of mind when you drive.

Wheel Balancing

Signs your wheels need balancing

  • Your tyres are noisy
  • You feel vibration in your steering wheel and seats
  • Your fuel isn’t lasting as long as usual
  • You seem to be replacing your shock absorbers, tires, struts, steering and chassis components more often than you like.

Why balance your wheels

Getting your wheels balanced can give you and your family a safe and comfortable drive. We spin each wheel to make sure the wheel and tire weights are balanced evenly around the tyre axle.

This will give you better control over your car as you’ll have optimum wheel balance - your car will have a better hold onto the road. This can make all the difference if you are ever in an emergency situation.

Wheel Repair

Does your wheel have a crack? Is it bent? Or have you scraped your wheel against the gutter?

Our professional wheel repairers will assess the damage and get your wheel fixed quickly and at a great price. We’ll even balance and align your wheels to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Wheel Replacement

If your wheel needs replacing, we can easily do that while you wait. We can order in the popular Sunraysia 4x4 Wheels for delivery within a few days.


How often should I get my wheels aligned?

Every 10,000kms which is usually the typical logbook service. You may need your wheels aligned more often if you drive off road, have an accident, bump against the kerb, or drive over a pothole.

How long will it take for the wheel alignment?

While you wait in most instances - within the hour. We’ll let you know when you drop in or call us.

How much does it cost?