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We stock new and used tyres for cars, trucks, caravans and more from the trusted brands to suit every budget. All tyres, new and used, are roadworthy and chosen to give you safety, performance, and quality.


We stock a range of tyres from big brands, with stock onsite and super fast delivery for pre-orders:

  • Bridgestone
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear
  • Hankook
  • Kumho
  • Maxxis
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Winrun
  • Yokohama

Types of Tyres

Whatever your vehicle, you can be sure we’ll to have the tyre you need. We carry plenty of these in the workshop and can help you fit your vehicle while you wait. 

  • Performance (and ultra high performance) tyres
  • Car tyres
  • 4WD Tyres (Mud tyres)
  • Off-road and extreme
  • Passenger tyres
  • Light commercial tyres
  • Truck tyres
  • Trailer tyres
  • Caravan tyres
  • OTR Tyres such as tractor tyres & agricultural tyres (own fitter required).

Tyre Fitting

Get your tyres professionally fitted by our experienced team while you wait in our comfortable lounge. You’ll drive away knowing your tyres have been:

  • Fitted
  • Balanced
  • Aligned
  • Recycled (old tyres if you need replacements) without any additional cost.

Tyre Repair

The life of your tyres can be extended and unnecessary costs avoided if you get your tyres checked regularly to check for signs of damage and wear from nails, stones, or cracks in the rubber.

Our tyre repair service will include checks for flat tyres or punctures and we’ll fix these with patch holds, replace inner tube, or if necessary, we’ll replace your tyre.

Tyre Replacement

If you tyre needs replacing, we’ll help you choose the right tyres for your vehicle that fits your budget from a wide range of new and used tyres.

Tyre Recycle Service

As added value and appreciation of your service, we include a tyre recycle service at no extra cost to you when you get your tyres replaced.


Do you have the tyre for my car?

Yes. Give us a call or drop into see us and we’ll fit while you wait.

How do I know what tyres are needed?

We have tyres to fit most vehicles so contact us and we’ll let you know what tyres will suit, based on your budget, purpose, and vehicle.

Can I pre-order? And how long will it take?

Yes. It usually takes 1-2 days. We’ll let you know when you order.

What pressure should the tyres be for my vehicle?

Check the manufacturer’s tyre guide. You’ll usually find this in the glove box, under the bonnet, under the fuel filler cap, or inside the driver’s door sill. We’ll let you know what pressure you need at the end of your service.

Under-inflated tyres cause more resistance when the car is rolling. So your car will use petrol more quickly. Keeping the right tyre pressure will give you more fuel efficiency - great for your bank account and great for the environment!

Note that the pressure your tyres need depends on your load and your speed - not the type or size of your tyre.

How much does it cost?